What to see when travel to Réunion Island

Beautiful waterfalls, winding roads with stunning views on both sides, canyons, mountains, and many interesting animals to see when travel to Réunion island. That’s what a trip to this magical island has to offer. If you don’t know anything about Réunion, grab yourself a drink, get into a tourist mindset, and relax in your seat. Get ready for a five-minute journey to the southern part of Africa.

A little more about the island itself

Réunion is located 700 kilometers from the large African island of Madagascar. The climate is tropical, meaning temperatures on Réunion range from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This, along with the beautiful nature, is why tourism is one of the main things associated with Réunion. This is the most populated overseas department of France, which makes it a very convenient place to travel to. Here, you’re guaranteed to find people who speak your language or at least be able to understand each other when needed.

Indian ocean from Reunion island beach

Accommodation in Réunion

The capital of Réunion is Saint-Denis, and if you watch any videos on YouTube or look at pictures from there, you’ll see how European and comfortable it looks for a stay. Finding a quality hotel in Saint-Denis is not a problem, as the good hotels are mainly located along the coastal strip of the island’s capital. Prices range from €50 per person in low-category hotels and can reach up to €150 for a night’s stay in hotels with more stars in their logo.

A little more information about the hotels in Saint-Denis

Our personal favorite is the Central Hôtel, which doesn’t look particularly pretentious for its 2 stars. The overnight stay is around 75 euros, but it represents a convenient place to stay with a large terrace and a beautiful view, where eating is particularly enjoyable. The hotel is located in the city center, and the staff is extremely courteous.

If you want a more luxurious experience, our suggestion is the Creole-style Villa Angelique. The overnight stay there is around 160 euros, but it’s worth it. The rooms are individually furnished, so you don’t feel like you’re in a hotel in the capital of Réunion. The rooms are large and comfortable, and the people at the hotel are very friendly and courteous.

I don’t know if you noticed, but in both presented hotels we talked about friendly people so far. Be sure that wherever you go in Réunion, you will see exactly that – friendly and welcoming people. The locals are extremely well disposed towards tourists.

Things to see in Réunion

If you plan your trip and vacation very carefully, you will be able to visit the center of several festivals that the locals organize. One of them is the Sega dance festival, which the locals love to dance. Look for a few clips on YouTube to get a better idea of what this dance represents, and who knows, you may even learn it before you visit Réunion.

Another interesting festival that the locals love is Malabar. This is a festival of fire, and indeed, the fireworks and fire shows are many and varied. Don’t hesitate to take your children during the festival. Guaranteed they will love it.

Hiking in Réunion

Thanks to its stunning nature, Réunion is the perfect place for those who prefer more than just lounging on beaches. The island boasts beautiful forests as well as a large number of waterfalls. There are tourist trails built to many of them, which you can walk alone or with one of the local guides. During your walks, you will see a lot of birds, with parrots alone being more than 32 species. There are some pretty large parrots that you will often see flying from tree to tree over the tourist trails where tourists pass by.

Mountain Reunion Island
Mountain on Reunion Island

The Wildlife of Réunion

More than 50 UNESCO-protected animal species can be found on this island. Most of them are birds. These animals make walks around the island truly unique because you will see things that you cannot see anywhere else. At the same time, however, tourists must be responsible because these animals need to be protected. Just to add that in Réunion, you can also find over 70 species of protected plants that you will also hardly see anywhere else.

Chocolate cocoa on Reunion island
Chocolate cocoa on Reunion island

Safety on Vacation

Réunion can be defined as a safe place for tourists, but as everywhere, one must be careful. It is good to be in a group and to be in places where tourists usually gather. From a health point of view, Réunion is a tropical island, which means you should consult your doctor for the necessary vaccinations that you should have before starting your trip.

In Conclusion

The visit to Réunion will be a memory that will last long. Your vacation in Saint-Denis or elsewhere on the island will bring you pleasant memories, make you feel more energized and rested. If you have the opportunity to go as far south as possible, do not hesitate, but plan your amazing vacation.